§ 2.1-22 Time extensions for expenditure or obligation.

Extensions. The Administration, upon application and a showing of proper circumstances, (1) may allow an extension of time within which deposits shall be expended or obligated, not to exceed one year, and upon a second application received before the expiration of the first extension, may allow an additional extension not to exceed one year, and (2) may allow an extension or extensions of time within which five percent of the construction shall have been completed as provided in § 2.1-21 not to exceed one year in the aggregate, and (3) may allow any other extensions that may be provided by amendment to the Act.

Application required. A taxpayer seeking an extension of time shall make application therefor, and transmit it with an appropriate statement of the circumstances, including the reasons justifying the requested extension or extensions, and appropriate documents in substantiation of the statement, to the Administration. The Administration will notify the Commissioner of Internal Revenue of any extension granted. In case an application for extension is denied, the taxpayer will be liable for delay as though no application had been made.