§ 2.1-26 Reports by taxpayers.

Information required. With each income tax return filed for a taxable year during any part of which a construction reserve fund is in existence the taxpayer shall submit a statement setting forth a detailed analysis of such fund. The statement, which need not be on any prescribed form, shall include the following information with respect to the construction reserve fund:

(1) The actual balance in the fund at the beginning and end of the taxable year;

(2) The date, amount, and source of each deposit during the taxable year;

(3) If any deposit referred to in subparagraph (2) of this paragraph consists of proceeds from the sale, or indemnification of loss, of a vessel or share thereof, the amounts of the unrecognized gain;

(4) The date, amount, and purpose of each expenditure or withdrawal from the fund; and

(5) The date and amount of each contract, under which deposited funds are deemed to be obligated during the taxable year, for the construction, reconstruction, reconditioning, or acquisition of new vessels, or for the liquidation of purchase-money indebtedness on such vessels, and the identification of such vessels.

Records required. Taxpayers shall keep such records and make such additional reports as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue or the Administration may require.