Logging in

To log in to your current membership please proceed to www.taxworld.com/login or simply click Login in the top right corner.

Please note if the button in your top right is Logout it means you are already logged in.

To log in

Please fill in your details in the fileds provided (ie. User Name or Email and Password) and click Submit

If your details are correct you will be redirected to home page

Resetting your password

In case you may have misplaced or forgotten your password or username you may need to use Lost Password/Username? option possitioned right below the login fields.

Simply type in your registered email into the field provided.

And your log in credentials will be sent to you. You can then change your password by logging in and following steps described in Editing details below.

Members Area

To enter the members area please proceed to www.taxworld.com/answers/

Alternatively you may click on Membership tab in our menu, and click Members Area (Q&A) in the left hand side bar (socond item from the top).

You have to be logged in to add questions or view answers (refer to logging in).

All questions are fully searchable.

In the left column you will see 3 fields:

  • All categories: gives a list of large headings (ie. VAT, USC, PRSI)
  • All subcategories: gives a list of smaller headings that relate to category you have chosen above
  • Search questions ... : here you would enter exact words you are looking for

Once you have chosen which way to search click search to bring up tour results

My questions

When you are simply looking for your questions and answers please click beside the Logout button.

This brings you to your membership page (Note a lack of membership prevents you from using full power of Taxworld).

On the lower part of the page you will see Members Area (Q&A) this button will bring you to your members area page displaying all of your questions and answers.

Also directly below this button is private query form, this is completely confidential and a reply to this query will be sent directly to your email to insure privacy.

Password change

You have to be logged in to alter details of your account (refer to logging in).

You can edit you password here.

Or by following these steps:

  1. Click beside the Logout button.
  2. Mid page you should see My account section click Change Password link
  3. Click "edit your password and account details" that will be displayed on the second line of the loaded page.
  4. Enter your current password and then new password in fields provided (Note system may require a strong password therefore use capitals, numbers or special characters if required).